Can Small Businesses Benefit From Big Data?

Last week’s blog post about targeting your clients spoke a lot about using your data, but from where are you collecting this data to use when planning your marketing?  In a perfect world a multitude of data accumulated by other individuals would be at your fingertips. Your job would be to merely sift through the data choosing … Continued

What Data Should Be Encrypted?

What is encryption? Encryption is the process of converting data to an unrecognizable or “encrypted” form. It is commonly used to protect sensitive information so that only authorized parties can view it. This includes files and storage devices, as well as data transferred over wireless networks and the Internet. Who requires encrypted data? Who does … Continued

Who Uses the Internet and Why?

Who is Online? 40% of the worlds population uses the Internet.  In 1995, 1% of the worlds population used the Internet.  Visit this site for an up to the second count of the number of users currently online. Internet User Demographics As of January 2014, 87% of American adults use the internet. Internet user demographics … Continued

Mobile Use and the Internet

I live in New Jersey.  On September 19th several cell towers were (as of this writing they have yet to provide an explanation as to what happened) not working.  The result was limited to no Internet service for a small area of New Jersey and New York (small in geographical size, huge in population numbers). … Continued

What Are Domain Names?

What is a Domain Name? A domain name is an address on the Internet.  It’s unique to you in the same way that your telephone number is unique to you.  An international address system called the Domain Name System (DNS) was developed to make sure that every computer connected to the Internet had it’s own … Continued

Intuitive Apps

Intuitive: Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.  Easy to use and understand. For older adults or really anyone who might balk at the idea of upgrading to a smartphone, companies are developing intuitive apps that they hope will ease the transition. Silverline Mobile Silverline Mobile, which was … Continued

Staying in Touch When Traveling Abroad

These days the line between work and play has become blurred to the point of not existing, particularly if you own a small business.  You need to be able to keep in touch. I recently traveled abroad (strictly personal…as little work as possible involved).  But since “as little work as possible” still involves some work, here’s … Continued

10 Best Apps For Small Business Owners

Nowadays just about every business owner has a smart phone.  If you don’t own a smartphone stop reading right now.  If you do are you utilizing all the capabilities of your phone? With the use of these apps, your phone has the potential to become your office on the go.  For now, let’s narrow the … Continued

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