Is Social Media Valuable?

Still not sure about the power of social media?  Below is a series of posts that came from my personal Facebook newsfeed.  The names and identifying information have been obscured for privacy reasons. So what does this tell you?  People use social media to get information.  The person who posted the query is obviously a … Continued

Is It Smart to Market to Baby Boomers on Social Media?

Are you unsure if spending your limited marketing dollars targeting baby boomers on social media is a smart choice? Baby boomers are a huge target that marketers are constantly trying to reach. With conflicting information about how widely and often they use social media platforms, it can be difficult to decide whether you should waste your … Continued

Infographic: How Facebook Has Changed Advertising

There’s no way around it, Facebook is changing the way customers consume content and the way marketers advertise. Facebook users don’t just post about their personal lives; they also post news and content that are important to them. Political news, sports scores, funny videos, they even post about their favorite brands & companies — on … Continued

Baby Boomers Are Using Social Media

Adults born between 1946 and 1964, known as Baby Boomers represent one-third of all social media users. And, they wield a huge amount of online purchasing power. If social media is not a part of your current advertising and marketing strategy, you’re missing the boat. “As the baby boomers like me are retiring and getting … Continued

Who’s Really Using Social Media?

You own a small to medium sized business and you’re using social media or you’re thinking about using social media.  Either way you’re probably wondering whether or not your demographic is using social media.  And if they are using social media which channel or channels do they prefer?  Should you be posting on Twitter, Instagram, … Continued

What is Social Media Advertising?

To better understand Social media advertising (SMA), it’s best to start by explaining Social media marketing (SMM). Social Media Marketing Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet marketing (unpaid efforts) that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. The goal of SMM is to produce content that users will share with their … Continued

Social Media Policies for Employees

Any company, big or small, needs a social media policy to protect their reputations. Even if your business has no social media of it’s own, social media gaffes made by your employees can have a very real impact on your business.  That being said, your employees do have rights and a sound policy will may … Continued

Audiology Website Questions & Answers

You have an Audiology website or hearing healthcare website or you want one.  You have a social media campaign or you’d like to have one. You think your site is optimized but you aren’t really all that sure. We understand that online marketing can be confusing.  Maybe you’ve started to interview a few companies who … Continued

What is the Point of Social Media?

Like just about anything else, the point of social media lies in the eye of the beholder. Social media is a term used to collectively describe a set of tools that foster interaction, discussion and community, allowing people to build relationships and share information.  On a personal level people tend to use social media to … Continued

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