Choosing Your Keywords

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes.  You’re online and you Google “Shoes”, 1,790,000,000 results pop up.  Clearly you can’t look at that many options, so you begin to refine the results.  “Blue shoes” or “Shoe stores near Hoboken NJ”.  These words and phrases are known as keywords. Why are … Continued

6 Easy Ways to Get Online Reviews

The past few weeks we’ve been discussing why online reviews are a critical part of your online marketing and SEO. What we haven’t talked about is how to get them. Enter this week’s blog! When you’re focusing on your online reviews, it’s easy to get caught up in one or two bad reviews you may … Continued

Do Online Reviews Affect SEO?

Customer reviews and ratings are essential items in the SEO’s tool belt, especially for optimizing local businesses. A Moz survey predicts that reviews make up almost 10% of how Google and other search engines decide to rank you. And it makes sense. Like I said in last week’s blog, search engines love reviews because consumers … Continued

SEO vs. PPC: What Are They?

You have two options when it comes to boosting traffic to your site: SEO (or “Search Engine Optimization”) and PPC (or “Pay per Click”). But what do these actually mean? All jokes aside, you really should know what these acronyms mean for your digital marketing campaigns. Let’s dive into each. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Wikipedia defines … Continued

8 Reasons Consumers are Leaving Your Website

You had risen in the search engine rankings, you were doing great, but lately you’re beginning to notice a downward trend.  Instead of rising, your ranking has begun to decline slowly but surely.  If you’re not sure why start with the basics.  Are consumers viewing your website, but just as quickly leaving?  Google places value … Continued

10 Ways to Make Google Happy

Here in no particular order, with the exception of #1… which is and shall always remain #1 are 10 things that are important to Google. 10 Ways to Make Google Happy The User. The user is their reason for being…everything else is a distant second. Don’t forget this rule, it’s what got Google where they … Continued

Online Directories for Hearing Healthcare Practices

Online directories are web search tools that list information about a business in certain groupings or categories for the convenience of the end user (consumer).  Here are a few examples of online directories: LinkedIn MapQuest Foursquare Yellow book You do not need to pay to be listed in these directories.  Without the ability to … Continued

What is Search Engine Optimization?

A fundamental principle involved in organic digital marketing is that the customer is already looking for what you have to offer and in many cases they are looking for you. Your organic digital marketing strategy should be designed with two purposes in mind: To make sure that customers find you when they are searching for what … Continued

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