The Best Way to Improve Client Relations & Manage Employees

We all know how important customer service is in every business. But how do you instill the importance of respecting customers into your employees? Company culture. Your company’s culture is a large factor in the behavior of employees on the job. If you feel you must always look over your employees shoulder, or micromanage them, … Continued

How to Write the Most Effective Sales Emails

Two weeks ago we discussed how it’s do or die when it comes to following digital marketing leads. One way of doing this is to begin emailing prospects that come up by digital leads. Emailing a prospect for the first time can be a little scary. Getting off on the right foot and providing value … Continued

Why is Emotional Marketing So Important?

In the book “Twenty Ads That Shook the World,” James Twitchell writes about N.W. Ayer & Son, an advertising agency with a serious problem. One of their clients wanted to sell colorless rocks. These rocks were good for almost nothing except drill bits. What was even worse, the darn things last forever and are found … Continued

It’s Do or Die When It Comes to Following Digital Leads

For your small business, following up leads is everything, especially internet marketing leads. Digital marketing is a big shift for small business, but it’s a leap you need to make in order for your business to survive. Grant Cardone from explains further below. Digital-media advertising is now bigger than national-TV advertising and is expected … Continued

10 Minutes to Achieving Your 2016 Business Goals

New year, new business goals! Whether it’s to gain new clients, expand into new territory, grow with new clients, and so on, I’m sure you have big plans. But how are you going to sell your business to new clients or in a new area? What do you offer or do to set your business … Continued

Are You Providing the Best Customer Service Possible?

Customer service is not just one separated sector of your business. Always remember that you are in business to serve your customer. Without them, you won’t be in business much longer. Being able and willing to deal with all kinds of customers. Having them walk away from an interaction satisfied, if not happy, should be your ultimate customer … Continued

Are ALL of Your Employees Selling?

For reasons that appear to be rooted in our sub-conscious, the phrase “to sell” or “selling” evokes a negative emotion. In an attempt to make it more palatable professionals refer to the process as “a consultation”, “an evaluation” or any number of other equally and occasionally interesting terms. If your objective is charity work, then … Continued

Are You Setting Your Business Apart?: Tips to Effectively Sell

What do you offer to your clients that make you stand out from your competitors? Now, are potential customers aware of this? If they’re not then you’re not effectively selling your product or services. If you don’t even know what makes you better than your competitors, then, let’s be honest, you need to figure it … Continued

Can You Predict When Exactly To Target Your Clients?

What if you could pinpoint the exact time when a client would want to buy your product or service, and be able to contact them at that very moment? Predictive targeting in the senior care continuum is the way to do this with seniors in the healthcare markets. Immersion Active writes about their studies in … Continued

Should You Under Promise & Over Deliver?

“Under promise and over deliver” is a common sales concept that most people have heard of but what does it really mean?  And is it something you should aspire to? As defined by McGraw-Hill, “under promise and over deliver” is a service strategy in which service providers strive for excellent customer service and satisfaction by doing more than they … Continued

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