What to Do If You Get a Bad Review

Finding a bad online review is a good news/bad news scenario. Good news – you found it. Bad news – everyone else can find it too. Let’s go back to the good news.  There are a few scenarios to consider. You have an employee or company dedicated to monitoring your online reviews and you have … Continued

6 Easy Ways to Get Online Reviews

The past few weeks we’ve been discussing why online reviews are a critical part of your online marketing and SEO. What we haven’t talked about is how to get them. Enter this week’s blog! When you’re focusing on your online reviews, it’s easy to get caught up in one or two bad reviews you may … Continued

Do Online Reviews Affect SEO?

Customer reviews and ratings are essential items in the SEO’s tool belt, especially for optimizing local businesses. A Moz survey predicts that reviews make up almost 10% of how Google and other search engines decide to rank you. And it makes sense. Like I said in last week’s blog, search engines love reviews because consumers … Continued

How Should You Deal with Negative Online Reviews?

(Featured Image Source: Smoking Designers) Every day more and more people are turning to the internet for just about everything from buying a home to choosing their healthcare providers.  The good news is that your customers are telling people about their experiences with your business via online reviews.  Word of mouth always spreads much more quickly online than … Continued

Why You Need a Review Monitoring System

What are Online Reviews Company reviews have been around for as long as companys’ have been around. Pre-Internet, it was rare to garner opinions about a company or product from anyone other than friends or family. Consumer journals, Consumer’s Reports is one example came along in response to a need for information about products. As … Continued

Listen To Your Patients

You focus a large part of your day on making sure that your patients are able to hear. What they choose to listen to is at their discretion. And just like your patients what your choose to listen to or to ignore is entirely up to you. But too often what we hear and how … Continued

Reviewing Audiologists Online…It’s Not Coming, It’s Here

The following are reviews of Audiology practices found at random.  These are real reviews of “real practices”, the names have been obscured to protect the not so innocent. Actual Reviews Found Online A Google User 1 star – “I went to buy hearing aids but the receptionist there was very unprofessional and office was cluttered and disorganized. … Continued

1 in 4 Consumers Check Online Doctor Ratings

Sometimes someone says it much than I ever could. From Kim Painter, health reporter and columnist, “Online ratings of physicians haven’t caught on as much as ratings of books, movies and plumbers, but a majority of consumers know they exist and one in four consulted them when picking a primary care doctor in 2012, new research … Continued

Why You Need to Manage Your Online Reviews

Every day more and more people are turning to the internet for just about everything including information about their healthcare providers.  The good news is that your patients are telling people about their experiences in your office via online reviews.  Word of mouth always spreads much more quickly online than it does offline.  The bad … Continued

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