Choosing a Domain Name: 4 Useful Tips

It’s becoming seemingly more difficult to acquire the domain name you want when there are over 89,000 new domain names sold every day, according to With today’s business world increasingly relying on the Web to reach customers and build brands, choosing your domain name is as important as choosing your company name. To understand … Continued

Domain Name Explained

What is a Domain Name? A domain name is an address on the Internet. It’s unique to you in the same way that your telephone number is unique to you. An international address system called the Domain Name System (DNS) was developed to make sure that every computer connected to the Internet had it’s own … Continued

Why Buy Multiple Domain Names & Point Them to One Site?

There are a few reasons why people get multiple domain names and point them to a single website. The number one reason is to make sure that they own the 3 major international domain extensions (“.com”, “.net” and “.org”) of their name. Owning all the 3 extensions is especially important if you want to develop your … Continued

What Domain Name Should You Use?

Choosing your domain name is easy, it should be the same name as your company name. That’s easy if… The domain name is available. You’re just getting started and can pick the business name and domain name at the same time.   The problem some business owners will ultimately face is… what if you can’t … Continued

Domain Names Explained

A new client signs up for our service (and by the way, thank you very much).  One section of questions on the application typically throws half of all new clients for a loop…the domain information section.  This section includes listing the domain name registrar and the current domain name host.  Since questions about this section … Continued

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