What Elements Matter Most on Your Website?

If you think your website is just fine the way that it is, and it makes a great first impression read this to be sure. It takes less than two-tenths of a second (that’s quicker than an actual blink of an eye) for an online visitor to form a first opinion of your brand once … Continued

Why Pictures Are Important

A picture speaks a thousand words. Is it a cliché? Yes it is. Should you pay attention to the feeling evoked by the images that accompany your marketing and advertising pieces? Yes you should. You’ve created an ad, maybe an entire ad campaign. You’ve tweaked every statement, every coupon until it says exactly what you … Continued

Build A Website

You need a website and you need to be found online. That much you understand. How comfortable you are with the process is a whole different ballgame.  Don’t worry we’ve got you covered whether your plan is to build your online presence with no help, a little help or you’d prefer to do nothing at … Continued

Why Do People Leave a Website?

You had risen in the search engine rankings, you were doing great, but lately you’re beginning to notice a downward trend.  Instead of rising your ranking has begun to decline slowly but surely.  If you’re not sure why start with the basics.  Are consumers viewing your website, but just as quickly leaving?  (Google places value … Continued

Exactly what is a Responsive Website Design?

When website design was in it’s infancy, websites need to be designed for one platform.  Over time as consumers began to access the internet using tablets and cell phones, it became quickly apparent that different sites would need to be designed for different platforms.  The inability to see sites that incorporated the use of flash … Continued

Creating an Audiology Website

You own an Audiology practice or you own a business that dispenses hearing aids and you’ve decided that you need a website.  Maybe you already have a website but you think its time for a change.  In either case you aren’t really sure what constitutes a well designed Audiology website.  For starters, a website should … Continued

10 Website No Nos

We see it every day poorly designed websites that are difficult if not impossible for the intended demographic to use.  Here are the 10 mistakes that annoy us the most. 1. Never interfere with the ability to scroll. The browser window is a fairly simple application: an address/search bar, a few buttons, and a big … Continued

Designing a Website for your Target Market

There are tens of thousands of website designers and thousands and thousands of articles about how to design a website. Unfortunately too much emphasis is placed on what the business owner thinks of the website with little (sometimes) no thought given to how the potential customer perceives the website. If you are under the age … Continued

8 Deadly Sins of Site Design

Nexus Themes recently created a new infographic that visually takes you through the 8 deadly sins of site design. Here’s an overview of these fatal design errors that will send your visitors running: 1. Bad Navigation If your site seems hard to maneuver right off the bat, most visitors won’t even try. Site navigation should … Continued

Get In Touch!

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