SEO vs. PPC: What Are They?

You have two options when it comes to boosting traffic to your site: SEO (or “Search Engine Optimization”) and PPC (or “Pay per Click”). But what do these actually mean? All jokes aside, you really should know what these acronyms mean for your digital marketing campaigns. Let’s dive into each. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Wikipedia defines … Continued

Do You Know the ROI of Your Website?

For a great deal of your website, much like public relations (PR), the return on investment (ROI) is not easily quantified. Metrics do exist, but for the most part they provide erroneous data. PR should tell a story, lots of stories, ideally stories that are told and shared by one potential customer to another or … Continued

Can Small Businesses Benefit From Big Data?

Last week’s blog post about targeting your clients spoke a lot about using your data, but from where are you collecting this data to use when planning your marketing?  In a perfect world a multitude of data accumulated by other individuals would be at your fingertips. Your job would be to merely sift through the data choosing … Continued

Can You Predict When Exactly To Target Your Clients?

What if you could pinpoint the exact time when a client would want to buy your product or service, and be able to contact them at that very moment? Predictive targeting in the senior care continuum is the way to do this with seniors in the healthcare markets. Immersion Active writes about their studies in … Continued

The Easiest Way to Optimize Your Email Marketing

You’ve created what you think is the perfect promotional email, but you’ve gotten less than stellar results. Or maybe you’re getting fine results, but you want to take your email marketing to the next level…what do you do? Split testing (also referred to as A/B testing or multivariate testing) is a method of conducting controlled, randomized experiments with … Continued

Generating Baby Boomer Leads

Is developing a marketing approach to reach the mature markets really worth it for your brand or business? Does this seem like a potentially high cost, high effort or high risk exercise? Chances are that if you’re reading this, you already understand that baby boomers are viable – beyond viable – representing the lion’s share of … Continued

CPL: Do You Know What Yours Is?

Do you know what your cost per lead (CPL) is? And yes, you should know the answer to that question. The answer is a fundamental component of your overall marketing plan (and yes you should have one of those too.) No marketing plan? This blog will explain Marketing Plan: 101. When times are great we … Continued

What Is An Ad Impression & Why Should You Care?

What is an ad impression? In simplest terms, an ad impression is an ad view and refers to the point at which an ad is viewed or displayed on a web page. The Interactive Advertising Bureau defines an ad impression as “a measurement of responses from an ad delivery system to an ad request from … Continued

Introducing Our Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Performance at a Glance Web Traffic Reporting With our Marketing Dashboard there’s no longer a need to muddle through confusing web traffic reports to help you to understand the impact of your marketing. We’ve stripped out all the unnecessary and non-useful data and have given you the stats that will actually help you to … Continued

Reading a Google Analytics Report

Information about interpreting Google analytics has been published here before, but it bears repeating. You have a website and you have access to or receive a Google Analytics report. It contains a lot of information and you have little to no idea what any of it means. This article is not meant to make you an … Continued

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