The Top Tactic All Successful Salespeople Use

In 1960, toymaker Harold von Braunhut created a product he felt certain would be his biggest hit to date–a dehydrated strain of brine shrimp that could be reanimated simply by adding water. He named his product Instant Life and waited for the dollars to roll in. The product flopped spectacularly. But Harold von Braunhut was … Continued

How Do You Set Customer Expectations?

Imagine a friend of yours raving about a new restaurant in town. He tells you that he had the most delicious filet mignon for dinner and the servers were unbelievably friendly and attentive. Because of his recommendation you decide to go. You get there and your waitress is friendly but a little slow with your drinks. … Continued

Why is Emotional Marketing So Important?

In the book “Twenty Ads That Shook the World,” James Twitchell writes about N.W. Ayer & Son, an advertising agency with a serious problem. One of their clients wanted to sell colorless rocks. These rocks were good for almost nothing except drill bits. What was even worse, the darn things last forever and are found … Continued

Are You Setting Your Business Apart?: Tips to Effectively Sell

What do you offer to your clients that make you stand out from your competitors? Now, are potential customers aware of this? If they’re not then you’re not effectively selling your product or services. If you don’t even know what makes you better than your competitors, then, let’s be honest, you need to figure it … Continued

Can Small Businesses Benefit From Big Data?

Last week’s blog post about targeting your clients spoke a lot about using your data, but from where are you collecting this data to use when planning your marketing?  In a perfect world a multitude of data accumulated by other individuals would be at your fingertips. Your job would be to merely sift through the data choosing … Continued

Should You Under Promise & Over Deliver?

“Under promise and over deliver” is a common sales concept that most people have heard of but what does it really mean?  And is it something you should aspire to? As defined by McGraw-Hill, “under promise and over deliver” is a service strategy in which service providers strive for excellent customer service and satisfaction by doing more than they … Continued

Uncovering the Secrets of Persuasion

Jarome Adair writes for Copyblogger. While looking for inspiration for this week’s blog post, I stumbled on his article “9 Persuasion Lessions From a 4-Year-Old” and I couldn’t pass up reading it. His son Elijah is a persuasion genius and I think everyone would be surprised just how much they could learn from this little … Continued

Why Didn’t Your Ad Work?

You ran an ad and no one called.  You have no idea why.  Start with the most obvious reason… it lacks a call to action.  A call to action tells your audience what their next step should be once they land on your ad. Without a call to action, your audience has guess what their … Continued

4 Myths About Marketing to Baby Boomers, Debunked

By the end of 2015, Americans 50 and older will represent 45% of the population and control approximately 70% of the wealth. But only 10% of marketing and 5% of advertising dollars are aimed at this sector. As marketers, we are missing out on a vital, untapped marketing that has the time, interest, and money … Continued

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