Everything You Need to Know About TMC

What are Targeted Marketing Campaigns? Targeted Marketing Campaigns (TMC) are digital marketing campaigns designed to generate leads via the Internet. We use a combination of social media advertising and search engine advertising to generate a significant increase in new traffic to your site. More traffic means more leads. Target Marketing Campaigns will provide you with … Continued

9 Ways Digital Marketing Improves Healthcare Campaigns

While digital marketing has become a mainstay in many different industries, healthcare has been hesitant to adopt digital strategies. But now that more and more medical professionals are seeing the advantages of digital healthcare marketing, many see that it’s high time to embrace a more digital direction. To show healthcare marketers the value of diving … Continued

3 Ways to Get Around Any Objection in Sales

When was the last time you walked away from a client meeting with no deal? Losing a deal to a competitor is not always a negative situation, but seldom is it the desired outcome. If you could give one reason why your customer did not choose your service or product, what would it be? In most cases the … Continued

How Perfectionism is Killing Your Productivity

There’s one specific toxic trait that will surely strip you of your joy and vitality, kill collaboration, and send your best people packing. Perfectionism. Perfectionism silently stifles productivity by showing up in self-defeating thought patterns that are pretty easy to recognize in yourself, if you’re willing to self-diagnose. So let me ask you, have you … Continued

The Top Tactic All Successful Salespeople Use

In 1960, toymaker Harold von Braunhut created a product he felt certain would be his biggest hit to date–a dehydrated strain of brine shrimp that could be reanimated simply by adding water. He named his product Instant Life and waited for the dollars to roll in. The product flopped spectacularly. But Harold von Braunhut was … Continued

How Do You Set Customer Expectations?

Imagine a friend of yours raving about a new restaurant in town. He tells you that he had the most delicious filet mignon for dinner and the servers were unbelievably friendly and attentive. Because of his recommendation you decide to go. You get there and your waitress is friendly but a little slow with your drinks. … Continued

Is Social Media Valuable?

Still not sure about the power of social media?  Below is a series of posts that came from my personal Facebook newsfeed.  The names and identifying information have been obscured for privacy reasons. So what does this tell you?  People use social media to get information.  The person who posted the query is obviously a … Continued

Who Isn’t Your Customer?

Who Are You Selling To? Or maybe a better question to ask would be, “Who are you not?” You’ve been taught to think that demographically hearing impaired people over the age of 50 or 55 are your target market. But how well do you track the demographics of who actually buys hearing aids from your … Continued

The Best Way to Improve Client Relations & Manage Employees

We all know how important customer service is in every business. But how do you instill the importance of respecting customers into your employees? Company culture. Your company’s culture is a large factor in the behavior of employees on the job. If you feel you must always look over your employees shoulder, or micromanage them, … Continued

What Exactly is a Domain Name?

A new client signs up for our service (and by the way, thank you very much),  one section of questions on the application typically throws half of all new clients for a loop…the domain information section.  This section includes listing the domain name registrar and the current domain name host.  Since questions about this section … Continued

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