How Perfectionism is Killing Your Productivity

There’s one specific toxic trait that will surely strip you of your joy and vitality, kill collaboration, and send your best people packing. Perfectionism. Perfectionism silently stifles productivity by showing up in self-defeating thought patterns that are pretty easy to recognize in yourself, if you’re willing to self-diagnose. So let me ask you, have you … Continued

The Top Tactic All Successful Salespeople Use

In 1960, toymaker Harold von Braunhut created a product he felt certain would be his biggest hit to date–a dehydrated strain of brine shrimp that could be reanimated simply by adding water. He named his product Instant Life and waited for the dollars to roll in. The product flopped spectacularly. But Harold von Braunhut was … Continued

How Do You Set Customer Expectations?

Imagine a friend of yours raving about a new restaurant in town. He tells you that he had the most delicious filet mignon for dinner and the servers were unbelievably friendly and attentive. Because of his recommendation you decide to go. You get there and your waitress is friendly but a little slow with your drinks. … Continued

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