8 Reasons Consumers are Leaving Your Website

You had risen in the search engine rankings, you were doing great, but lately you’re beginning to notice a downward trend.  Instead of rising, your ranking has begun to decline slowly but surely.  If you’re not sure why start with the basics.  Are consumers viewing your website, but just as quickly leaving?  Google places value … Continued

4 Myths About Marketing to Baby Boomers, Debunked

By the end of 2015, Americans 50 and older will represent 45% of the population and control approximately 70% of the wealth. But only 10% of marketing and 5% of advertising dollars are aimed at this sector. As marketers, we are missing out on a vital, untapped marketing that has the time, interest, and money … Continued

Is It Smart to Market to Baby Boomers on Social Media?

Are you unsure if spending your limited marketing dollars targeting baby boomers on social media is a smart choice? Baby boomers are a huge target that marketers are constantly trying to reach. With conflicting information about how widely and often they use social media platforms, it can be difficult to decide whether you should waste your … Continued

CPL: Do You Know What Yours Is?

Do you know what your cost per lead (CPL) is? And yes, you should know the answer to that question. The answer is a fundamental component of your overall marketing plan (and yes you should have one of those too.) No marketing plan? This blog will explain Marketing Plan: 101. When times are great we … Continued

Infographic: How Facebook Has Changed Advertising

There’s no way around it, Facebook is changing the way customers consume content and the way marketers advertise. Facebook users don’t just post about their personal lives; they also post news and content that are important to them. Political news, sports scores, funny videos, they even post about their favorite brands & companies — on … Continued

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