5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Blog

So you’re thinking of starting a blog of your own, but where do you begin? These five questions will help you critically think about the direction of your future blog and whether blogging is right for you. 1. Why are you starting a blog? This seems to be the simplest question to ask, but it’s … Continued

Choosing a Domain Name: 4 Useful Tips

It’s becoming seemingly more difficult to acquire the domain name you want when there are over 89,000 new domain names sold every day, according to DailyChanges.com. With today’s business world increasingly relying on the Web to reach customers and build brands, choosing your domain name is as important as choosing your company name. To understand … Continued

Marketing Plan Creation 101

The simplest way to create a marketing plan is to segment the population into categories and demographics.  The categories define what you are selling.  Then simply create marketing/ad campaigns that for each demographic within each category. Separate campaigns should be created for digital and traditional markets.  Although there is overlap between the two, the materials … Continued

Time to Take a Vacation

It’s that time of year. People are taking a vacation, planning to take a vacation or thinking they should take a vacation. You need a break, everyone does. Time to recharge the batteries. 10 Reasons Why You Should Take A Vacation And remember, US workers get fewer vacation days than any other developed nation, it’s … Continued

Get In Touch!

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