Will Your Company Survive Without You?

I recently took a family vacation with an anticipated return date of a Saturday. The Saturday turned into Sunday (broken plane on a small island). We managed to get the last seats on the last plane out of there before they stopped all flights to our final destination (blizzard arriving the following day). We could’ve … Continued

Viral Content vs Shared Content

Don’t waste time creating content with the intent of the content to go viral. The odds that your content will trend on Twitter, receive a million hits on YouTube or be shared thousands of times on Facebook are slim to none. Instead spend time creating content designed to be shared. What’s the difference between viral … Continued

What Can Search Engine Advertising Do For You?

What is Search Engine Advertising? Search engine advertising (SEA), also known as Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through paid efforts. Search Engine Marketing is a bit of a misnomer since marketing is typically the result of unpaid efforts. Advertising is typically the result of paid efforts. … Continued

Social Media Policies for Employees

Any company, big or small, needs a social media policy to protect their reputations. Even if your business has no social media of it’s own, social media gaffes made by your employees can have a very real impact on your business.  That being said, your employees do have rights and a sound policy will may … Continued

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