Selling Quality of Life

What is Quality of Life? Quality of life can be defined as – your personal satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with the cultural or intellectual conditions under which you live (as distinct from material comfort); “the new art museum is expected to improve the quality of life” Quality of life is a broad multidimensional concept that usually … Continued

Hire Employees Who Can Sell

For reasons that appear to be rooted in our sub-conscious, the phrase “to sell” evokes a negative emotion. In an attempt to make it more palatable professionals refer to the process as “a consultation”, “an evaluation” or any number of other equally and occasionally interesting terms. If your objective is charity work, then give your … Continued

2015 Marketing Trends

Yes it’s time to start to think about how you plan to market your business in 2015 and no it’s not too early. Yes, I know you’d rather stick your head in the sand and pretend that 2015 isn’t coming. And yes, I know that in a perfect world marketing would no longer be a … Continued

Increasing Your Word of Mouth Referrals

Word of mouth referrals have always been and always will be a great source of new business for any business. Business owners are forever trying to come up with new and unique ways to bring in new customers too often at the expense of what has worked in the past. New is not always better. … Continued

Marketing Advice to Small Business Owners

Fall is coming. This time of year always seems to provide an opportunity for business owners to regroup and to make plans. If that describes you and you’re just looking for a place to start…pick marketing. Below is marketing advice from the pros…a little motivation to get you going in the right direction. Marketing advice … Continued

Get In Touch!

If you’re like most people, you’d like to speak to a real person. You have questions you’d like to have answered and well, trepidation about the entire process of web design, online marketing, SEO and so on. We’re available by phone or by email to chat. Contact us today, at the very least we’ll provide some insight into the entire process, so that when you’re finally ready you’ll have a better idea of exactly what to expect.


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