How to Fix Your Hearing Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the most important components of making sure you stay in business.  It’s also probably one of the things you hate to do the most.  Either you have a plan or you don’t.  And if you have a plan you’re probably not quite sure that it’s the right plan.  So what do you … Continued

Why You Need a Review Monitoring System

What are Online Reviews Company reviews have been around for as long as companys’ have been around. Pre-Internet, it was rare to garner opinions about a company or product from anyone other than friends or family. Consumer journals, Consumer’s Reports is one example came along in response to a need for information about products. As … Continued

Why Pictures Are Important

A picture speaks a thousand words. Is it a cliché? Yes it is. Should you pay attention to the feeling evoked by the images that accompany your marketing and advertising pieces? Yes you should. You’ve created an ad, maybe an entire ad campaign. You’ve tweaked every statement, every coupon until it says exactly what you … Continued

10 Ways to Make Google Happy

Here in no particular order, with the exception of #1… which is and shall always remain #1 are 10 things that are important to Google. 10 Ways to Make Google Happy The User. The user is their reason for being…everything else is a distant second. Don’t forget this rule, it’s what got Google where they … Continued

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