Who Are You Marketing To?

Who is Your Customer? Or maybe a better question to ask would be, “Who isn’t your customer but should be?” You’ve been taught to think that demographically hearing impaired people over the age of 50 or 55 are your target market. But how well do you track the demographics of who actually buys hearing aids … Continued

Branding is Not A Logo

Is a logo a part of your overall brand? Yes, a logo probably is a part of your overall brand. But too often people confuse the process of acquiring a logo and a slogan and a color palette with the beginning, the middle and the end of the branding process. A brand is not a … Continued

Understanding Pay Per Click (PPC)

What Is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing? PPC, or pay-per-click marketing, is a form of web advertising that allows companies to place advertisements in search results or elsewhere on the web, paying only when somebody clicks on an ad, rather than paying for impressions. Understanding Pay Per Click If you’ve been considering taking the plunge … Continued

Marketing…Remember, I’m 51 Not 91

The senior market has been described in a variety of ways. But what I find to be the most troubling is that too many businesses marketing to the senior population must assume that over the age of 50 thinks the same way, acts the same way and more importantly responds to advertising in exactly the same way. … Continued

No One Ever Said Marketing Would Be Easy

Marketing is hard work. Marketing never ends. Marketing requires a consistent attention to detail. Unfortunately marketing is also the last thing that most business owners want to do. In fact, the majority of business owners put marketing right up there with getting a root canal. That being said you are marketing your business. Whether or … Continued

Get In Touch!

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