What is Search Engine Optimization?

A fundamental principle involved in organic digital marketing is that the customer is already looking for what you have to offer and in many cases they are looking for you. Your organic digital marketing strategy should be designed with two purposes in mind: To make sure that customers find you when they are searching for what … Continued

Creating a Marketing Plan

The simplest way to create a marketing plan is to segment the population into categories and demographics.  The categories define what you are selling.  Then simply create marketing/ad campaigns that for each demographic within each category. Separate campaigns should be created for digital and traditional markets.  Although there is overlap between the two, the materials … Continued

What Do You Want to Know?

I sat down to write the blog for this week and came to the conclusion that maybe it’s time for me to ask you what you want to know? What do you want to know?  Here are a few ideas I had for this week, but am I headed in the right direction?  Is this … Continued

The Ideal Marketing Mix for Hearing Healthcare Practices

The ideal marketing mix, does it really exist?  Since marketing is part science and part art, how do you create the ideal marketing mix?  You begin by covering all your bases, tracking the results, testing new campaigns based on the results and then repeating the process until you can no longer improve on the return … Continued

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