1 in 4 Consumers Check Online Doctor Ratings

Sometimes someone says it much than I ever could. From Kim Painter, health reporter and columnist, “Online ratings of physicians haven’t caught on as much as ratings of books, movies and plumbers, but a majority of consumers know they exist and one in four consulted them when picking a primary care doctor in 2012, new research … Continued

Top 10 Myths of Marketing Your Business Online

Here they are, the top 10 myths of marketing your business online. A social media ‘presence’ is great advertising. To do social media right, you need to be, for lack of a better word ‘social’.  Which means you need to encourage conversations and conversations go in both directions, from you to someone and from that … Continued

Don’t Base Your Marketing on Fear

Contrary to what you have been told, the sky is not falling and nothing is dying. Its 2014, you are running a successful business…today.  Your fear and it is a fear shared by EVERY business owner is that the success will end. Why are you worried about it ending? If you’re like most business owners, … Continued

Why It’s a Bad Idea to Under Promise and Over Deliver

“Under promise and over deliver” is a concept that most people are aware of but what does it really mean?  And is it something you should aspire to? Meaning As defined by McGraw-Hill, “under promise and over deliver” is a service strategy in which service providers strive for excellent customer service and satisfaction by doing more than they … Continued

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