Marketing is Hard Work

Marketing is hard work. Marketing never ends. Marketing requires a consistent attention to detail. Unfortunately marketing is also the last thing that most business owners want to do.  In fact, the majority of business owners put marketing right up there with getting a root canal.  That being said you are marketing your business.  Whether or … Continued

How is Obelis Media Different From Other Website Designers?

We speak your language.  The web, to the uninitiated is a scary place. Acronyms are used that have a multitude of meanings (SEO, SEM, HTML, CSS).  And very few standards have been developed regarding website design and internet marketing which only adds to the confusion. We don’t believe in using terminology designed merely to confuse … Continued

Why You Need to Manage Your Online Reviews

Every day more and more people are turning to the internet for just about everything including information about their healthcare providers.  The good news is that your patients are telling people about their experiences in your office via online reviews.  Word of mouth always spreads much more quickly online than it does offline.  The bad … Continued

The 3 Questions Everyone Wants Answered

1.  What are the biggest mistakes practices make with their website? Use of the Internet as a marketing tool is a newer phenomenon for most practice owners.  As with anything new, there’s always a learning curve.   Here are the biggest mistakes we see time and time again: Clients who are overpaying for their inbound marketing … Continued

Get In Touch!

If you’re like most people, you’d like to speak to a real person. You have questions you’d like to have answered and well, trepidation about the entire process of web design, online marketing, SEO and so on. We’re available by phone or by email to chat. Contact us today, at the very least we’ll provide some insight into the entire process, so that when you’re finally ready you’ll have a better idea of exactly what to expect.


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