Google+ Local Verification Process – And Why We Nag

In its quest for better search results, Google is now showing preference to listings from verified Google+ Pages. From the Wall Street Journal February 1, 2013, an excerpt from the new book, ‘The New Digital Age’ written by Google’s Executive Chairman, “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than … Continued

What Are Title Tags and Why Are They Important?

Title tags — technically called title elements — define the title of a document. They are required for all HTML/XHTML documents. By the way, in case you’re interested…HTML stands for HyperText Markup language: a set of standards, a variety of SGML, used to tag the elements of a hypertext document. It is the standard protocol … Continued

How to Effectively Sponsor Events in Your Local Community

You’ve been approached by every little league team, softball team, charity fundraiser organizer, 5K race coordinator, youth soccer group (you get the point) in a 20-mile radius.  Inevitably you’ll say yes to some or all of these groups about becoming a “sponsor”.  In the past your name would appear on the back of a t-shirt … Continued

Creating an Effective Facebook Ad

Let’s start with (and debunk) a basic concept when contemplating creating an effective Facebook Ad.  Clicks don’t matter.  Yes, I said it.  The measure of success for an online ad has always been whether or not the end user “clicks” on the ad.  But that may not always be the case.  Facebook has spent an … Continued

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