10 Best Apps For Small Business Owners

Nowadays just about every business owner has a smart phone.  If you don’t own a smartphone stop reading right now.  If you do are you utilizing all the capabilities of your phone? With the use of these apps, your phone has the potential to become your office on the go.  For now, let’s narrow the … Continued

What are Google AdWords?

To better understand what Google AdWords are, you first need to understand pay per click.  Pay per click advertising appears at the top and right side of a search engine results page (SERP). Search engine marketing services work by associating your ad with a keyword or phrase related to your product or service. Any time … Continued

How to Get Reviews on Google, Yahoo and Bing

You’ve seen them online…customer reviews.  You’d like to get your clients to leave reviews (preferably good reviews) on your sites too.  So, exactly how do you get clients to leave a review? Half of your customers won’t leave a review unless you ask them too.  The other half or won’t know how to leave a … Continued

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