Cross Channel Marketing: Why Is It Important?

Cross-Channel Marketing – the creation and promulgation of campaigns that take into account customer preferences and engage recipients on their chosen platform and via their preferred medium. Interactive marketing is undergoing drastic changes. Instead of interacting with only a desktop or laptop, a consumer may now use a smartphone, tablet computer, laptop, gaming console, or interactive TV. Tracking via a … Continued

Getting Back to Basics: The 4 P’s of Marketing

The 4 P’s of marketing (product, price, promotion, place and placement),  or the “marketing mix” is a concept coined by Neil Borden nearly half a century ago, yet it is a concept that lives on today in the heart of every Marketing 101 textbook and is a basic foundation of every marketing plan. The marketing … Continued

Are You Setting the Right Expectations?

Imagine a friend of yours raving about a new restaurant in town. He tells you that he had the most delicious chicken cordon bleu for dinner and the servers were unbelievably friendly and attentive. Because of his recommendation you decide to go. You get there and your waitress is friendly but a little slow with … Continued

Quality Content and SEO, Why It Helps

In the world of SEO content is king, but not just any content.  According to Amit Singhal, a prominent Google software engineer, “Our site algorithms are aimed at helping people find ‘high-quality’ sites by reducing the rankings of low-quality content.” In other words, publish junk and watch your website become buried on Page 15 of … Continued

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