Are You Practicing Black Hat SEO?

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), there are two approaches: white hat SEO & black hat SEO. Just as the names suggest, white hat SEO is the legitimate form of web optimization that is accepted and rewarded by search engines.  Black hat SEO methods enable the user to “cheat” their way to the … Continued

Twitter and Your Patients

One in five Americans use social media websites as a source of health care information, according to National Research Corp.’s Ticker Survey, the largest, most up-to-date poll on consumer health care opinions and behaviors.  Facebook topped the list of available websites, with 94 percent of respondents indicating they’ve used the popular social network to gather … Continued

Domain Names Explained

A new client signs up for our service (and by the way, thank you very much).  One section of questions on the application typically throws half of all new clients for a loop…the domain information section.  This section includes listing the domain name registrar and the current domain name host.  Since questions about this section … Continued

Social Media Statistics and Trends

According to Pew Research Baby Boomers and older folks using social media has increased enormously in the past two years. Here are just a few statistics outlining recent trends in social media. 65% of online adults now say they use a social networking site, up from 61% in 2010 and 29% in 2008 and just 5% in … Continued

What are Keywords and Why are They Important?

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes.  You’re online and you Google “Shoes”, 1,790,000,000 results pop up.  Clearly you can’t look at that many options, so you begin to refine the results.  “Blue shoes” or “Shoe stores near Hoboken NJ”.  These words and phrases are known as keywords. Why are … Continued

Get In Touch!

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