Baby Boomers and Social Media

Baby Boomers and older are the single largest consumer group in history…More than 100 million people were born before 1965. Surprisingly, Ad Age reported in 2010 that Boomers outspent younger consumers on new technology.  If they’re buying it, they’re using it and they’re using it to go online. And more and more once they’re online … Continued

What is a Google Algorithm?

There are 644 million websites on the Internet. How does anyone ever find your website? The task of sifting through the enormous amount of information would be impossible without a system (search engines). Search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo are the big ones) by nature are designed to help you find what you’re looking for.  … Continued

SEO and the “Picky Eater”

We all know one or worse are one…a picky eater.  They swear up and down and 9 ways to Sunday that they LOVE Fruit Loops (which you don’t like). Right up until you buy 2 boxes of it because it was on sale and then poof… they HATE Fruit Loops! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is … Continued

The #1 Reason You Need a Blog

Ok…there’s more than one, you knew there would be.  Otherwise this wouldn’t be a blog, it would be a sentence. A better question would be, what opportunities do you miss out on if you don’t have a blog?  And there are many more than this, but this list at the should cause you to pause … Continued

Get In Touch!

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