I Have No Idea How I Got My Newest Customer

When I ask the question, “Tell me the top 5 ways you get a customer through your door? If just once, someone would be honest with me and say out loud, “I have no idea where my customers are coming from” I’d probably keel over on the spot.”  Invariably the answers I get range from, … Continued

Does Your Staff Know That It’s All About a Sale?

For reasons that appear to rooted in our sub-conscious, the phrase “to sell” evokes a negative emotion.  In an attempt to make it more palatable professionals refer to the process as “a consultation”, “an evaluation” or any number of other equally and occasionally interesting terms. If your objective is charity work, then give your service … Continued

5 Things You Can Learn about Social Media from Cavemen

You can always learn from history.  Some people hated history in school. Me, I loved it.  I found it both comforting and strangely compelling that nothing much everreally changes. Everything is just repackaged every few generations and resold as “new” and “improved”. Social media is not new.  Maybe the delivery system is newer.  It could be … Continued

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